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Finistère is a satirical climate crisis game made for the playdate and its unique controller interface, the crank.

As a forest craftsperson you must manage your forest. But time is of the essence.

Finistère will be launched at The Winchester Gallery (Winchester, UK during the exhibition of "Ordinary Things"  on from November the 2nd to the 25th 2023 . 

Private view welcome drinks and such will be  held on Tuesday the 7th of November at 17:30 UK time. The exhibition was curated by Louise Siddons,  Professor of Visual Politics at Winchester School of Art, and Head of Department of Art & Media Technology which is part of the University of Southampton.

The climate crisis has become an ordinary part of our lives because of government inaction.

Finistère plays on the individualistic framing of climate action as a lifestyle choice, rather than the scale and urgency of the climate crisis which calls for "rapid and transformative change" (IPCC 2015) and systemic action.

Finistère will be available while in development and released for free here on itch.io (playdate required), all the source code is also released as free software.

Finistère was made by Adam Procter (Concept, Design & Art Work, Code hacking), Mathew Louis Parker (Design and Programming) and RogueKenshi (Music / Sound Design) and all our test players.

To load this game onto your playdate please follow the playdate guide after downloading  - https://help.play.date/games/sideloading/

https://gitlab.adamprocter.co.uk/adamprocter/forest-craftsperson - game sourcecode 

https://play.date/ - playdate


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On the "tool maintenance" screen, the buttons and crank seem to do nothing (restarted a few times, same issue).

This is more likely bad UI communication :) as the tool screen does work… have made some changes for 0.1.7 (out today) but more coming for this screen - thank you so much for trying the game

I am real dumb when it comes to computers, but when I try to sideload it says this "

The buildNumber value in pdxinfo must be an integer"  Any help?

Oh ok let me check that thanks.

Fixed, please try again :) thanks


It works!  I think!  I was able to play, but I'm not sure if I understand everything.  I was able to manicure the trees, but then when I got to sharpen my blade...I didn't understand what I was or was not doing. I was holding up, I was tapping up, I was pressing up, I was cranking this way and that faster and slower, and didn't really notice any difference. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

Great feedback.

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At the moment if your tool is below 100 you can sharpen it by cranking the crank at a set speed to put your “cursor” into the target window (pressing up doesn’t currently actually matter) when you crank you will eventually see your “cursor” moving (aka a new rectangle) inside the box under the text

Ah, thanks. I never saw the cursor. Maybe I didn't crank long enough. I'll give it another go tonight.

Frankly, I'm interested in climate inaction and like seeing how games tackle subjects like this!


new update 0.1.7 would love for more testing and comments, more to come this month too. thanks again

Going to try this new update. I played 0.1.7 twice and...never saw the icon while trying to sharpen the blade. Also, there was only ever one tree on that update, and if you cut it down, its game over. Are you testing on a physical Playdate or only SDK? Sideloaded 0.1.8 now! Thanks

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yes we are testing on a real playdate and have just updated to 0.1.9

A known bug is do not undock crank before entering the hut. Also the UI for crank in the hut is still not fast enough in updating. Hoping to address that this weekend

Levels have been updated to from the test ones (aka very few trees) I hope to also redesign level 2 and 3 before Wednesday.

Thanks again for playing!